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Did You Know?
By D.P. Agrawal


Did you know that leaves of dhaincha break down insulin resistance?

Scientists at Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) have found leaves of dhain­cha (Sesbania bispinosa), a plant grown for fodder and as a green manure, is a good source of pinitol, an anti-diabetic compound.

In a paper published in Current Science (Vol 87, No 11), scientists L.N. Misra and S.A. Siddiqui reported they could extract pinitol from sun-dried leaves of dhaincha. CIMAP has patented the process. Says Misra, being a fast growing plant even in poor soil and with huge herbage, dhain­cha should be a promising crop for pinitol.


Down to Earth, Feb 15, 2005


Posted February 17th 2006

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